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The Little Orchard Co. was founded in 2020.

Fiona and Jez - partners and husband and wife - of 20 years began creating highly scented fragranced wax melts for their 5 children and their families and friends as gifts. The love for the strong, long lasting fragrances became apparent very quickly as they were constantly being requested for more.

This was where The Little Orchard Co. was born. 

Fiona and Jez threw themselves into perfecting their formulas and creating high quality luxury products to offer to the public.

The Little Orchard Co has gone from strength to strength and continue to expand the range with more fragrances as demand increases

We have a selection of gift ideas for everyone from small to large covering all budgets and have taken on a number of custom orders by request

All our products are ethically and locally sourced from the UK 

And we can be found at local Craft Fairs across the region

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