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  • What are wax melts?
    Wax melts are "wickless" candles. Pieces of scented wax which are placed into wax burners to release the fragrance. They are available in different shape, sizes, colours and scents. Unlike a candle, the wax does not evaporate. The scent dissipates, once you can no longer smell the fragrance the wax is removed and replaced.
  • How do I use wax melts?
    Wax melts are used in wax burners, both tealight and electric warmer. You will begin by placing 1-2 cubes into your clean wax burner and then either lighting a tealight candle or turning your electric warmer on. The wax will begin to melt and release the fragrances.
  • How long will the wax melts last?
    Each cube used within a wax burner should last between 4-8 hours. Depending on the wax burner used, the higher the temperature the stronger the scent, however this also means the scent dissipates slightly quicker.
  • How do I change my wax melt?
    There are a few different ways - You can turn the wax burner off/blow the tealight out, let it cool for a few minutes and then use a tissue/cotton pads to absorb the wax. Once most is removed, you can clean with warmy soapy water to remove any residue. Turn the warmer on/light the tealight, allow the wax to warm up slightly this will loosen the wax and allow you to remove it in one piece. Once removed, you can clean with warmy soapy water to remove any residue.
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